Medical Cost Projection

The affordable evolution of life care plans


  • Injury specific.
  • You decide the scope and the amount of detail you need researched.
  • We are independent. We do not enter into a doctor/patient relationship with the client.
  • We provide recommendation order forms for all of the providers. You have the provider’s office fill them out. Return the recommendation forms to us.
  • We have no input into the treatment already received or the future treatment recommendations. We form our opinions from the medical records provided and provider’s recommendation forms.
  • One on one/direct collaboration with the client or the providers is not necessary and saves on the cost of the report.
  • You may order early if you need to estimate a potential case’s value.
  • You may order before you create a demand letter.
  • You may order to set a reserve amount.
  • You may order to estimate future medical care before settlement.
  • You may order to dispute a previous inaccurate medical cost estimate.
  • All reports are created by certified life care planners.
  • We will testify in a deposition or live trial testimony as a CONSULTANT, for an additional fee. We will NOT testify to medical cost projections as an EXPERT witness.


$2,500 for the first five hours of work. This covers most injury specific, non-complicated cases. Additional hours are at a rate of $400 per hour.

$1,250 is required as a retainer/down payment, to start the process. The retainer payment, a signed services agreement, all required records, and provider recommendation forms are required before we start our research. The remainder is due within 30 days of the close of the case. We do NOT reduce our bill, win or lose.

Turnaround Time:
Turn around time is typically four weeks, once we have the retainer fee and required records to start. Expedited rates are available and determined on a case-by-case basis.